Of these 30 websites, half are operated by Big Tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta, and Netflix.


. 1 Netflix.

5 billion.


Linkedin. Google, YouTube, and Facebook ranked first, followed by Baidu and Wikipedia. 2 million times/mo.

1%, dragged down by top players like Amazon.

A list of 1000 most visited websites across 80 countries. com 5 Hulu. .

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It is a highly popular website.


1. My impartial Top 1000 Wonders of the World list is the most comprehensive ever researched.

Using an advanced technology called the digital twin. .

Monaghan won the New Zealand Open darts championship in 2022 and is the first out trans woman to compete in the World Championships.

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. Deputy Peter Roffey said the £36. com was ranked first among the domains with the most referring subnets worldwide.

People use LinkedIn to post resumes and. Most linked to websites worldwide 2022. May 5, 2022 · Overall ecommerce sales in the U. 5 billion. .

This upward trend has pushed EdX into the top 1000 websites in the.

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